Welcome to PDP Dains

PDP Dains provide a comprehensive range of inter-related human resources and organisational development services that are aimed at improving company effectiveness and bottom line performance through people. It is crucial in today's market that successful businesses harness the skills, motivation and creativity of their people to gain competitive advantage.

Our philosophy is to ensure that ownership of activity and solutions rest within our client's management.

Our approach

•  Practical and innovative – we are always looking for better ways of doing things
•  Based upon sharing - enabling clients to achieve continual improvement with minimal on-going support
•  Adaptable and scalable – we are experienced in working with all sizes of organisation across many business sectors

Ultimately, solutions are always tailored to your unique circumstances, culture and requirements.

Through our four specialist services we can work with individuals and teams supporting change that delivers sustainable improvements. Many of our solutions are a blend of one or more of these specialist services:

inquestion … Employee Engagement & Attitude Studies, Customer Satisfaction Surveys and 360 Feedback for Individuals & Teams

infocus ……...Performance Management and Appraisal

intouch ……..Training, Development and the Facilitation of Effective Learning

insight…....…Executive Coaching and Senior Manager Development

PDP Dains improving people…… managing people