PDP Dains Open Shropshire Office

In January 2007, PDP Dains moved to new premises in Shropshire.

Managing Director Paul Beak explained: "This move to new premises is the result of major achievements over the 16 years.

Many of our clients have stayed with us throughout this period and we have been joined by many new ones. We look forward to repeating this success, with the opening of our new office.

This move follows significant product developments and work rapidly expanding into Europe”.

PDP Dains Launch improved Web-based Surveys

We are now able to offer a range of web-based surveys to help organisations conduct employee opinion surveys, customer surveys, staff performance reviews and 360 degree competency assessment. 

Our web-based surveys provide clients with improved reporting and a cost -effective alternative or addition to paper-based approaches. What we are offering is a very flexible product, which makes employee and customer engagement far easier. 

For further information please contact Sue Tolley on: 01948 840399 or e-mail Sue, at enq@pdpdains.com 


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