Training, Development and the Facilitation of Effective Learning

We focus on providing ‘development solutions' that will improve business results through improving your people's performance

Our modules can be tailored to meet your unique circumstances OR we can design and deliver bespoke programmes to meet your specific requirements.

Our programmes are high on pragmatism and focus on key behaviours of individuals and groups such as new managers, key specialists and HR/Development staff

Many people are promoted when they have received little training on how to be an effective manager. We can help them:
•  develop their own effective management style
•  Manage people not merely tasks
•  Get 5% more from their people

We can help key specialist staff improve their personal effectiveness including…
•  Managing creativity and innovation
•  Working within multi-disciplinary teams

We can enhance the skills of your HR/Development people or fill gaps in your existing programmes including….
•  Undertake needs analysis
•  Provide 360 feedback

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PDP Dains improving people…… managing people